Lyons Flood and life update

I sent this out in my last newsletter:
We woke up on the morning of Thursday September 12th to a raging river in our backyard with no electricity. Apparently we didn’t hear the sirens in the middle of the night evacuating people from their homes. The next 6 days we were without power, water or gas except for the fact we had an RV that had about 15 gallons of diesel fuel to tun the generator so we had a refrigerator we could put our food into as well as our neighbor’s food. Plus it had a propane stove that we could cook with and warm up rain water for bathing. We were able to stick around Lyons and help our neighbors and other folks since our house was dry and we had the RV for power and gas. It’s amazing how the worst of times can bring out the best in people. Sometimes it takes a disaster to meet your neighbors and to find out how awesome they are!!!
It was surreal to see our little town and our beloved Planet Bluegrass become a major disaster zone. Currently the town has no water, sewage or septic system but folks are working hard to rebuild infrastructure. It was less than a month before the flood hit that I was teaching there at Song School and playing at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival. Pretty hard to take as Planet Bluegrass has become such a huge part of my life since my first time there in 2002 and playing and teaching every year since. 
As of Friday, September 27th we have officially evacuated Lyons and are living in our RV on the road. We headed back for gigs in the midwest for a week and then out to Utah and now on to Oregon.
I have uploaded 14 short videos to my YouTube Channel that highlight our experience of the flood in Lyons and will give you a first hand look at how devastating it was. Go to and scroll down for the full playlist of my Lyons CO Flood Vlog.

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Electro-Americana singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and innovative Loop Artist plays an eclectic fusion of folk-rock, bluegrass/worldbeat and electronica. Where hi-tech meets the grassroots!

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