Lyons CO Flood

Quite an amazing week. We are so grateful to be safe and up on high ground with our own well, septic and connected to power from Longmont. We got power back late Monday night and Internet today. Cell service has been bad and still is.

Since we have had access to an RV that has a fridge and a generator, along with 100 gallons of rain water I collected on Friday plus ample food and drinking water we have been able to spend time helping our neighbors instead of leaving town right away.

I will post videos of our experience during the flood from our vantage point above Apple Valley Rd on the river when I have time to do so.

Here is a video from Saturday of the entire town and up to the Button Rock dam. The devastation is massive. Planet Bluegrass was hit very hard.

It’s amazing how quick the recovery is moving. I’m so grateful to all the people who have been working non-stop to save lives and rebuild Lyons.
I have a greater understanding of what so many people around the world have experienced thru natural disasters

There is something special about people being forced to connect with each other when there are no distractions like cell phones, Internet and all that comes with an electricity based life. Just for a brief moment I saw kids in the neighborhood playing with each other like we did when we were kids before technology took over. And they were LOVING IT!

The human spirit always rises to the occasion in crisis and it truly is the silver lining in these “bad” situations. This is only the beginning of a long haul to rebuild so much of Colorado and I am sure we’ll see some amazing team work in the weeks and months ahead!



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Electro-Americana singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and innovative Loop Artist plays an eclectic fusion of folk-rock, bluegrass/worldbeat and electronica. Where hi-tech meets the grassroots!

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