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Lots of Radio Airplay in Holland!!!

It’s been a dream of mine to play in Holland and not everyone knows my full name is Arthur Leland Sikking III and that I am 1/3 Dutch on my dad’s side. I’ve heard that “Sikking” is a common name in Northern Holland so I find it quite exciting to be featured on the following Dutch radio shows in the last week: Acoustic Rain, Crossroads, Delta Rhythm, EasterGirl, Harky In English, Landslide, Muziek En Toch, Paul van Gelder, PeelGrass and RadioGirl!!!!  I want to give a big THANK YOU to all the Dutch DJ’s from Arthur Lee Land!!!!!

Peter Holmstedt from Hemifran is doing a great job promoting the new Cracked Open CD:
Thank you PETER!!!!

I can’t tell you how cool it would be to go to Holland and play and see where I come from. The ancestrial influence on our lives is massive and my mom’s side is full Greek so I’ve always been a “half-breed.” My grandmother’s maiden name is “Paxton” so I know I’ve got some Irish going on too. That was confirmed when I did a sideman gig with legendary folk singer Tom Paxton years ago who told me “If you’re a Paxton, then we’re related! We all come from same original Irish immigrants off the boat!” Our personal history is a powerful influence and the more I learn the more fascinating it becomes!!!