Christmas Gift 12-21-2012

Well it’s Dec 21 2012 and in light of current events and the season, my songwriting partner Carol and I were inspired to write a Christmas song and try our amateur hands at filming a music video. I was invited to play at the annual Christmas Eve celebration in our new hometown of Lyons CO. We wanted to contribute something special and this is what came through. We wrote, recorded, filmed and edited the song in 4 days this week. I recorded a simple acoustic guitar and vocal version of the song that is available for free download here!

This song says everything I feel in this bittersweet holiday season and it is my gift to you!
Thank you for all the love and may this holiday be an opportunity to feel the gratitude in all our relationships as we never know how long we have to be here in this precious lifetime. “Maybe right now is all we’ll ever be!”



About arthurleeland

Electro-Americana singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and innovative Loop Artist plays an eclectic fusion of folk-rock, bluegrass/worldbeat and electronica. Where hi-tech meets the grassroots!

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