Healing Hiatus 8-7-2012

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus over the last two years writing, recording and developing some new technologies for my live show. (I posted a video of my version of Strawberry Fields Forever below from last Friday’s show since so many people have been asking about my arrangement) Not to mention totally losing my voice last fall because of a polyp on my vocal cord. That put me on an emotionally intense 6 month healing journey that ended up with miraculous healing WITHOUT having to do the standard surgical procedure for this type of situation (same surgery that John Mayor, Adele and Keith Urban all had last year). I feel extremely blessed and it’s like I have a whole new lease on life and singing.

I know it’s been difficult for lots of folks over the last two years as it has been for me too. Yet through it all I feel like there has been incredible growth that for me seems to always come down to “How much love can I accept in my life?” I feel like I spend a lot of time resisting life by getting stuck in self perpetuated loops of old fear based thought patterns. Then I remember that just like in the Art of Live-Looping I have the choice to undo and erase loops I don’t like and replace them with new loops that bring more good things into my life. I seem to come back to the Gratitude loop….finding things to be grateful for always puts me in a better space. A few of those things are all my friends and fans in the Chicagoland area, playing music for people I love and sharing that good vibe through songs.

I’ll be in Winter Park at Cooper Creek Square for a show on Friday and a Art of Live-Looping workshop on Saturday. Next week I’ll be teaching at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Song School and playing on Saturday at 5pm in the Wildflower Pavilion.




About arthurleeland

Electro-Americana singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and innovative Loop Artist plays an eclectic fusion of folk-rock, bluegrass/worldbeat and electronica. Where hi-tech meets the grassroots!

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