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The new Great American Taxi album ‘Dr Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show’ featuring Arthur Lee Land comes out on Feb 3!  Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth produced the band’s new album. Arthur and lyricist Carol Lee penned 5 songs on the new 10 song album including the title track. Special guest Duane Trucks (Widespread Panic, Hard Working Americans) plays drums on the record.

Check tour dates for February and March CD Release Shows in California, Illinois, Wisconsin and Colorado.

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Arthur Lee Land Joins Great American Taxi

I recently joined the Colorado Americana Jam Band “Great American Taxi” replacing Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon. These guys have been pals of mine since they started back in 2005. “Americana Without Borders” best describes their sound and I’ll bringing my singing, songwriting, B-Bender Telecaster pickin’ and more to this party giving the band sound a new flavor for sure. We just finished mixing our new album that Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth is producing and will be out later this year or early next. The band also features long time members: Chad Staehlyon keys, Jim Lewinon guitar and Brian F. Adamson bass. Carol Lee contributed lyrics to many of the songs on the new album.

Drummer Duane Trucks (Hard Working Americans) was invited to play on the record and is wonderful cat and great player who is the younger brother of Derek and nephew of Butch Trucks (Allman Bros drummer) and has been playing with Widespread Panic filling in for their drummer who’s been on leave since last fall. Duane will perform with the band on some of the dates in 2015. Nate Barnes (Rose Hill Drive, Ryan Bingham) will join the band on drums as well for some shows.

Producer Tim Carbone recently had this to say about the new recording project – “The sound of the new line-up is pure gold Americana! The songwriting is as sharp as ever and the boys are willing and able to experiment. The guitar playing is mind blowing!”

Come see our debut show Thursday 6/4 at the Fox Theatre in Boulder with the Grant Farm another great band!!! This evening is gonna be an epic jam fest of Telecaster Guitars and great songs!!!

Lyons Flood and life update

I sent this out in my last newsletter:
We woke up on the morning of Thursday September 12th to a raging river in our backyard with no electricity. Apparently we didn’t hear the sirens in the middle of the night evacuating people from their homes. The next 6 days we were without power, water or gas except for the fact we had an RV that had about 15 gallons of diesel fuel to tun the generator so we had a refrigerator we could put our food into as well as our neighbor’s food. Plus it had a propane stove that we could cook with and warm up rain water for bathing. We were able to stick around Lyons and help our neighbors and other folks since our house was dry and we had the RV for power and gas. It’s amazing how the worst of times can bring out the best in people. Sometimes it takes a disaster to meet your neighbors and to find out how awesome they are!!!
It was surreal to see our little town and our beloved Planet Bluegrass become a major disaster zone. Currently the town has no water, sewage or septic system but folks are working hard to rebuild infrastructure. It was less than a month before the flood hit that I was teaching there at Song School and playing at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival. Pretty hard to take as Planet Bluegrass has become such a huge part of my life since my first time there in 2002 and playing and teaching every year since. 
As of Friday, September 27th we have officially evacuated Lyons and are living in our RV on the road. We headed back for gigs in the midwest for a week and then out to Utah and now on to Oregon.
I have uploaded 14 short videos to my YouTube Channel that highlight our experience of the flood in Lyons and will give you a first hand look at how devastating it was. Go to and scroll down for the full playlist of my Lyons CO Flood Vlog.

Lyons CO Flood

Quite an amazing week. We are so grateful to be safe and up on high ground with our own well, septic and connected to power from Longmont. We got power back late Monday night and Internet today. Cell service has been bad and still is.

Since we have had access to an RV that has a fridge and a generator, along with 100 gallons of rain water I collected on Friday plus ample food and drinking water we have been able to spend time helping our neighbors instead of leaving town right away.

I will post videos of our experience during the flood from our vantage point above Apple Valley Rd on the river when I have time to do so.

Here is a video from Saturday of the entire town and up to the Button Rock dam. The devastation is massive. Planet Bluegrass was hit very hard.

It’s amazing how quick the recovery is moving. I’m so grateful to all the people who have been working non-stop to save lives and rebuild Lyons.
I have a greater understanding of what so many people around the world have experienced thru natural disasters

There is something special about people being forced to connect with each other when there are no distractions like cell phones, Internet and all that comes with an electricity based life. Just for a brief moment I saw kids in the neighborhood playing with each other like we did when we were kids before technology took over. And they were LOVING IT!

The human spirit always rises to the occasion in crisis and it truly is the silver lining in these “bad” situations. This is only the beginning of a long haul to rebuild so much of Colorado and I am sure we’ll see some amazing team work in the weeks and months ahead!

Road Gratitude!!!

Coming close to the end of our 6 week West Coast tour. Big thanks to everyone who shared their hearts, homes, meals and love with us. Looking forward the next loop back around this fall! So many highlights… like playing the Vintage Wine Bar in Redding CA and having to play at 11:30AM the next morning at KPIG with John Sandidge in Watsonville CA…then right after that finding diesel fuel leaking from the RV. Seems like when the worst things happen they occur in the best possible scenario!

I am blessed for sure with friends and saviors on the road like Daniel Shane Thomas!

Looking forward to returning home to Lyons CO tho 😉


LA Examiner Review

LA Examiner Review

“Rarely have I listened to a CD by an unknown artist that instantly grabbed hold of my senses and transported me into a special place…..This is one of the best albums I have ever heard.”

–Bob Leggett, Los Angeles Examiner

Cracked Open Available NOW on iTunes!!

Cracked Open Available NOW on iTunes!!

Arthur’s new album Cracked Open on Perfect Groove Records was released today!